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Computer Vision Pitch Speed Application

Velo Logo 2019 fix.png
Velo Logo 2019 fix.png

Advanced Pitch Speed Technology at Your Fingertips

Velo is a cutting edge software that uses computer vision to calculate the speed of pitch. This Smartphone application is designed to be the first true alternative to the radar gun.


How it Works

Detect the Speed

Choose if your want to detect the speed of a pitch in Real-Time (Live) or from a loaded video (Pre-Recorded)

Real-Time Camera Mode

In Real-Time Camera mode align the Pitcher and Catcher in Portrait or Landscape device orientation. The user should make sure the camera angle allows there to be adequate distance between Pitcher and Catcher.   

Hit Record

Hit Record before the Pitch is thrown, Stop after the Pitch is caught.

Speed Calculation

See Speed Calculation Results! 

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